Prayer in Saint Sophia of Kyiv during the war (01.03.2022)

Lord Jesus Christ, our God,

I pray to You in the thousand-year-old Church of the Holy Wisdom, St Sophia of Kyiv, in front of the icon of Your Most Holy Mother “Invincible Wall,” the guardian of Kyiv and our people.

We place our hope not only in weapons, but also in You, Almighty God. Give Ukraine, Europe and the whole world real peace, wisdom and strength to stop evil and war.

Give rest to all the defenders of our country and our people, and on all the civilians who perished – children, women and men, the names of each of whom You know – and receive them into the abode of the righteous.

Heal those who were wounded and injured physically and mentally.

Give consolation to those who have lost their relatives and friends.

Reassure those who are scared and confused.

Preserve those who are under fire, in captivity and in danger.

Give strength and courage to our God-loving people, the authorities and the army that protect us, and help them to liberate our country from the insidious and ruthless enemy.

And let us in peace bless and glorify You,

For You are our God, the Lord of peace and the world, the Savior of our souls, And to You we give glory today, and always, and forever and ever.


Oh Great God, eternal, protect Ukraine for us!

Most Holy Mother of God, save us!

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